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Learn about the Novel Membrane Hydrolysis Reactor technology in the Bio1 process that enables compact, modular digesters

Renewable Energy

FInd out how your business can benefit from an onsite waste to energy system. Go green and save!

Organic Fertilizer

The Bio1 process generates concentrated liquid organic fertilizer. Sustainably produced for healthy crops and fertile soils.

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Latest Sustainability News

California moves to add dairy farm methane limits to climate agenda

(From Capital Press) SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California Democrats are taking further steps to advance the state’s ambitious climate-change agenda, agreeing to regulate methane emissions from landfills and dairy farms for the first time and approving $900 million in spending on environmental programs. The approval came in the final hours of the two-year legislative session

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Nexus BioEnergy Developing Enhanced Organic Waste Recycling Technology From CSU

Start-up will turn solid animal waste into high value organic fertilizers and energy July 28 2015 – Originally published on US Department of Energy Innovation Portal Success Story Details Partner Location Agreement Type Publication Date Nexus BioEnergy Superior, CO Option to a License July 28, 2015 Summary An introduction facilitated by the EERE’s Energy Innovation

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