Organic Fertilizer

NEXGROW Organic Fertilizer

Nexgrow fertilizer starts with livestock manure and food waste which is anaerobically digested to convert the carbon content into useful bio-methane and energy.

During this process natural microbes digest the manure and turn it into a soluble liquid form. The raw corn-fertilzier-differenceliquid feed is heat treated, adjusted for content and concentrated during the Bio1 process to  produce a balanced fertilizer suitable for organic crop production.

The liquid fertilizer is being developed to be compatible with
most fertilizer injection systems and will reduce the labor
involved with granular products.

Benefits of  liquid fertilizers include versatility: it can be metered and applied on demand with minimal labor input, and frequent dosing of liquid fertilizer reduces crop nutrient run-off.

See the below table for a comparison of our blend compared to liquid fish meal.

Liquid Fish Meal NEXGROW
Viscous, hard to use with irrigation systems, can separate and settle Low viscosity, solid free suspension, does not clog injectors
Fish Smell Minimal Odor
Expensive 25% below major bulk fish meal brands (when adjusted for NPK content)
Made from fish, not sustainable Made from organic waste, Wholly renewable and sustainable
Humic/Fluvic acid content not reported >1% fluvic acid

Nexgrow fertilizer's will be commercially available in late 2017 from our first digester in Platteville, CO. This site will produce more than 200,000 gallons a year. Advance samples are available for a field test. if you are a commercial grower please contact us for more information and to schedule a trial.