Food Service Facilities


Thirty-five percent of our food supply is wasted. Restaurants and food service establishments represent the largest opportunity to keep food waste out of our landfills.

Until now, food service establishments have had limited options to handle food waste. These are limited to landfill disposal or off-site composting, both of which impose a cost, contribute to green house gas emissions and nutrient pollution.

The Nexus Bio1-KW system is a standalone digester for food to energy conversion at restaurants. Customers can generate their own energy while saving on disposal costs. The Bio1-KW digester is delivered as a preassembled, single dumpster size unit by a roll-off truck and can be placed outside.

Bio1-KW system can handle

  • Frying grease
  • Raw and cooked foods
  • Biodegradable plastic ware (under development)
  • Compostable paper and napkins
  • Small amounts of inorganics (plastic, foil, dirt) are acceptable


The system is being designed for completely unattended operation. Loading and unloading can be easily accomplished by food service staff.

  • Utilities required: Electric supply and water drain
  • Capacity: 1-3 tons per day food waste
  • Output: 5-10 KW electric power (enough to power 8 homes)