Anaerobic Digestors

Nexus is the first company to offer a truly turnkey modular anaerobic digestion appliance for the agriculture, food and beverage industry. Our Bio1 process digests solid waste in a compact footprint with no waste water produced. Since there is no cost to dispose digester wastewater, the Bio1 systems have significantly lower operating costs compared to competition.



DCIM100MEDIA bio1-mw-concept
130,000 Gallons per day wastewater Zero wastewater Discharge

Nexus offers zero-wastewater anaerobic digesters in formats for a full range of applications for organic waste processing.  Standard anaerobic digesters require lengthy on-site construction with significant project risk. Nexus's turnkey design is delivered as a preassembled unit that is ready to produce biogas in just a few weeks.

The Nexus Bio1 system can accept most types of solid waste including

  • Dairy, cattle manure
  • Poultry house droppings and bedding
  • Meat processing waste including paunch
  • Food waste

For food processing plants the Nexus Bio1 systems provide 10-20% operational savings through

  • On-site generation of renewable power
  • Elimination of off-site trucking and disposal charges or
  • Elimination of on-site composting labor
  • Revenue from fertilizer and compost sales

The Bio1 system is a full solution to implement sustainability and environmental compliance. Waste can be loaded into the modules as soon as it is produced where it is processed in a enclosed, air-tight container. This minimizes odor and nutrient run-off and improves compliance with state and federal regulations.

 Bio1 MW  Bio1 KW
bio1-mw-concept bio1-uni
 50 tons per day or more

For food processing plants, and large livestock operations

 1-3 tons per day

Food service applications such as cafeterias and restaurant neighborhoods



1 MW2 MW5 MW
LAND REQUIRED2.5 acres4 acres8 acres
NUMBER OF MODULES48 modules95 modules240 modules
FEEDSTOCK (per day)150 tons300 tons740 tons
STEAM OUTPUT (@ 150psi)28 lbs/hr60 lbs/hr145 lbs/hr
LIQUID FERTILIZER1800 gpd4000 gpd9000 gpd
COMPOST (per day)40 tons80 tons200 tons

Biogas from the Bio1 process is combusted in a turbine to generate electricity and steam or hot water from the turbine exhaust (cogeneration). This combined system is highly efficient and captures 60-70% of the heat content of the biogas.

For commercial and industrial customers the Nexus system takes advantage of net metering laws in most states. Customers can generate on site power (from any source) and push the excess power into the grid and to draw from it when their own power capacity dips. Unlike solar panels, the Nexus system generates renewable energy at a constant rate 24/7.

See why biogas is a more suitable renewable energy option vs solar.

LCOE Required to be competitive >8.5 ¢/kWh >11 ¢/kWh
Carbon credits YES YES
Renewable Energy Credits YES YES
Supplemental Heat YES NO


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